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Half Wild

Rylan Brooks new album Half Wild

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Half Wild Tracks

1. Gunslinger - 3:50

2. Living For Today - 3:05 - Play

3. Nobody Loves Me Like Myself - 2:52

4. Firewood - 4:02

5. Friend of the Road - 2:48 - Play

6. Last Night I Lied to Jesus - 6:19

7. Save the Last Ugly One for Me - 2:57

8. The Day I Showed You - 3:17

9. Black & Blue Dance - 2:18

10. You Don't Drive Me Nowhere - 3:13


"Country is all in your mind."
- Tom T. Hall

RYLAN BROOKS is a Country western band from the good old U.S.A.  Founding members Nate Rylan and Chris Brooks started out hauling cargo up and down I-95, but now they're delivering original Country music all across the nation.  Their live music and performances are lighthearted, irreverent, and packed with energy.  The songs are memorable and influenced by the sound of 60's & 70's country music.  They'll take you back to a time when Country was COUNTRY, but they'll leave you with plenty of NEW COUNTRY CLASSICS to add to your fancy streaming apps.

Rylan and Brooks' work have collectively been featured by Verizon, HBO, MTV, VH1, EPIX, ESPN, WWE, Bellator, US Open, The CW, EAS Sports Nutrition, CBS, as well as popular music blogs like Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, StereoStickMan, and performed at SXSW.
Christopher Brooks / lead vocals and guitar
Nate Rylan / vocals and guitar

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Find RYLAN BROOKS out on tour with their new album
Half Wild

  And remember "...always pull over for a Friend of the Road!" - Rylan Brooks

Christopher Brooks

Christopher Brooks

Nate Rylan

Nate Rylan
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18 tons of all kinds of fun!!!
Friend of the Road

Half Wild and all singles available on Amazon
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Half Wild


Rylan Brooks Events

June 7
New York
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June 20
Philadelphia, PA
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Sept 16
Philadelphia, PA
Sept 26
Brooklyn, New York
Sept 27
Asbury Park, NJ
Sept 29
Fishtown, PA
Oct 13
Philadelphia, PA
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Long Beach, CA
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Sacramento, CA
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Ukiah, CA
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Nov 9
Philadelphia, PA
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Dec 28
Philadelphia, PA

Rylan Brooks
VIP Package
Shot Glass + Album
Not Admission
$20.90 Total
Jan 26 2019
Fishtown, PA
Good n’ Country @ The El Bar
Showtime: 9pm
1356 N. Front Street
Rylan Brooks
VIP Package
Shot Glass + Album
Not Admission
$20.90 Total
March 22 2019
Phoenixville, PA
Showtime: 8pm
With Delbert Mcclinton
Colonial Theater
227 Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA

Colonial Theater Rating: 4.5 - ‎56 reviews on Tripadvisor

Rylan Brooks
VIP Package
Shot Glass + Album
Not Admission
$20.90 Total
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Ryaln Brooks at the Boot andSaddle
Rylan Brooks at Dawson Street
Rylan Brooks at Dawson Street

Ryaln Brooks at the Kungfu_Necktie

Ryaln Brooks at the Skinny Dennis in Brooklyn
Be back soon Skinny Dennis!


Firewood - Live at Johnny Brenda's
Friend of the Road - Live New York


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4 out of 5 Merle Haggard impersonators agree Rylan Brooks is suited for streaming, downloading, long drives, mixes, and some good old outlaw country.*

*No Merle Haggard impersonators were involved in any way. Come see Rylan Brooks in conert Sept 2018 at Johnny Brendas, Skinny Dennis and American Spirit Roadhouse. Shows & Tickets

Living For Today
Length: 3:05
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